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Basics of Child Custody Laws in California

Child custody laws in California is a complicated topic. Whether you have questions about physical or legal custody or want to know more about parental alienation laws you have come to the right place. Our goal here is to break down the laws into easy to understand concepts. We know being involved in a custody dispute is difficult. The last thing you want is to figure out the meaning of complicated legal topics. Our goal is to make this topic easy to understand. If you end up having some questions remember we provide free legal consultation. You will have no obligation to hire us. So, feel free to schedule a call if you want to learn why we are the best child custody attorneys in California !

What is physical custody

Physical custody refers to the primary residence of the child. For example, if your child will be primarily living with you, then you will have “sole physical custody.” In other words, you will be primarily responsible for the care and custody of your child. On the other hand, if your child spends a significant amount of time with both parents, then you will have “joint physical custody.” Therefore, physical custody really refers to where and with who your child lives with.

What is legal custody

Legal Custody simply refers to the right of the parent to make major decisions about the child. These are the important decisions regarding child’s education, health, or even religious upbringing. Just like physical custody, legal custody can be sole or joint. Getting sole legal custody means you will be making important decisions on your own. Joint legal custody means that both parents will have to make these decisions together.

Meaning of sole custody?

Sole custody just means that you have primary custody. The term “sole “is a misleading legal term. Many courts have replaced the term “sole” with the word “primary” because “primary” is a much more accurate reflection of how the custodial arrangement will look like. Although you should know that the word “primary” in the context of custody does not have any legal meaning. Thus, the proper term to use is “sole.”

Meaning of joint custody

Joint custody means that the custody of the child will be shared by the parents. The sharing of custody does not have to be exactly 50/50 for a custody arrangement to be considered joint. Regardless of the percentage of custody, a custody arrangement will be considered joint when both parents have shared responsibility in care custody.

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