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Divorce in California

In California, there are three ways to end your marriage. Dissolution of marriage (commonly known as divorce) is one way.

You may also qualify for summary dissolution of marriage if

  • You have been married for less than 5 years and
  • So not have children from the marriage and
  • Do not have significant assets or debts and
  • Both parties agree in a joint petition to file for a summary dissolution.

California Divorce Laws

California  divorce and family laws are very complicated. We can write a book with thousands of pages on this topic. However, we will try to simplify it by explaining the policy goals the family code seeks to promote. This way you can understand the purpose of the laws you encounter throughout your family law case which in turn will help you understand the possible outcomes.

Goals of Family Laws in California 

In California, the family code, along with the case law interpreting the family code, are the two major sources of the law applied in family courts. California legislatures passed these laws to promote the following:

  • Settlement between parties
  • Fairness of the process and outcome
  • Best interest of the minor children
  • Safety of the parties


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