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“Hiring a family law attorney for a  child custody dispute is never going to be fun but with Sabeti Law they made an effort to make the process easy, answered all my questions and fought and won my case.”

Mr. Sabeti was really helpful, I called him 2 times and everytime he helped me with my case. Really good advice which helped my case a lot. 5/5

Everyone  were professional, knowledgeable and responsive. He walked me through every step by breaking down the legal jargon so I would have a complete understanding of the situation. He always made himself available and answered any questions I had. Always felt confident that he had my best interest in mind throughout the process. Highly recommend !


What you need to know about 730 Evaluation in California

What you need to know about 730 Evaluation in California California Evidence Code 730 is commonly referred to as 730 evaluation in family law court. This law states that in court, at any time, the judge can order that an expert be assigned to investigate the issue...

Questions to ask your divorce lawyer

Questions to ask your divorce lawyerWe know hiring a lawyer is confusing, complicated, and expensive. If you can avoid hiring a lawyer there is a good chance you should. However, sometimes it is necessary to work with a lawyer so that you can protect your legal...

Preparing for custody mediation

Preparing for custody mediationIn California custody disputes, the family court requires you the participate in a court mandated custody mediation before the judge hears your case.  Custody mediation is required by law. In this article, you will learn what you need to...

Chances of a father winning custody

What are the chances of a father winning custody?  Many people believe  in custody disputes the law prefers mothers to have custody of the child instead of the father. This is not the case in California. The law does not give either parents a preference on the...

Modifying a child support order

Reduce child support obligation? In California, child support orders may be modified at any time before termination of the payer’s duty to pay support. Thus, you can ask the court to reduce your child support obligation. Mostly to reduce your child support you must...

Changing my child’s last name

Successfully asking the court to change your child’s last name

Co-parenting after a divorce

Making a success out of co-parenting

Do I have to pay in child support?

Child Support Explained!

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